• Samples from Linden Baroque's Meridian CD (CDE 84373) of music by J F Fasch directed by Walter Reiter. As played on R3 and Classic FM. Available on Amazon.
    Excerpts from Missa Brevis in B flat maj, Concerto for violin with oboe, trumpets and timpani and Suite in G min for 3 oboes, bassoon and strings.

    J F Fasch Missa Brevis B flat maj, soloists Linda Perillo, David Gould, Neil MacKenzie, Simon Birchal with Linden Baroque Choir

    1 Gloria
    2. Et vitam venturi saeculi

    J F Fasch Violin Concerto with oboe, trumpets and strings soloist Catherine Martin

    1. 1st movt. Allegro
    2. 3rd movt. Allegro

    J F Fasch Suite for 3 oboes, bassoon and strings G min.

    1. 5th movt. Aria
    2. 7th movt. Menuet
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Here is a selection of extracts from live concerts to give an impression of a variety of our performances - with attendant background noises and other technical limitations!

Charpentier Marche de Triomphe et 2me Air des Trompettes Director Peter Fender

Vivaldi Sinfonia La Senna Festeggiante (in 3 movements), director Steven Devine

Bach Cantata BWV 209 Non sa che sia dolore final movement. Aria Ricetti gramezza e pavento soprano Sarah Potter, flute Byron Mahoney, director Peter Holman

Thomas Arne Alfred, director Steven Devine
Rule Britannia!

Handel Concerto Grosso Op 6 No 4 Directed by Catherine Martin
Largo affettuoso - Allegro ma non troppo - Larghetto musette - Allegro

William Boyce Symphony No 1 B flat major. director Stephen Devine
3 movements: Allegro - Moderato e dolce - Allegro

Telemann Concerto for flute, violin & str. E min TWV 52:e3 Soloists Nicholas Jackman & Ben Samson, director Peter Holman,   Adagio

Geminiani Concerto Grosso op 2 no 2 Final movement: Allegro

Torelli Concerto alla Francese, director Steven Devine
in 4 short movements

Telemann Concerto for two Chalumeaux and Str. TWV 52:d1 Soloists Jane Booth & Sarah Smith, director Steven Devine   Allegro

F A D Philidor / Dumanoir Suite de Ballet director Peter Fender (Intrada - Gavotte - Fantasie - Tambourin)

Telemann Suite in D TWV55.D15 for 3 oboes, bassoon & str. director Peter Holman , Harlequinade

Vivaldi Overture L'incoronazione de Dario director Steven Devine (3 movements)

William Boyce Symphony No 7 B flat major directed by Stephen Devine  
3 movements: Andante- Spirituoso - Moderato - Jigg (allegro assai)